About Us

About Us

New Kashi Public School 
Tomorrow belongs to people who prepare for it today. Educational institutions are the first place where children's behavior and future educational success is shaped. A good institutional system provides an appropriate environment to its students for their all round development.

New Kashi Public School is dedicated to the cause of quality education in Hisar, which follows secular approach in all matters. It offers facilities that are exceptional in every way. The environment friendly green campus is a home of well equipped modern laboratories, a state of the art library, smart class-rooms, computing facilities for a new digital generation and much more to provide a perfect ambience conducive for growth through learning. Being committed to face all challenges in life, the school promises to march forward with the thrilling experiments of its educations and administrators in the field of education, and is fully responsible to make the students an ideal and responsible citizens of the coming time…………

Our Contact Numbers

Mobile No. +91-9896410160
Landline No. 01693248007


My School, New Kashi Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in Hisar. Discipline, which is an important element of education, is strictly maintained here. Despite this the students are introduced to a very friendly atmosphere where they are free to clarify doubts or express their emotions. The concepts involved in various subjects are demonstrated in different ways. There are also recreational resources, which truly make school life interesting.