There are excellent modern facilities available in the school library to the students and members of staff to make studies here much easier and more interesting. The two areas that affect users the most are the information technology and library facilities. 

The school has a good collection of books and the number is on a gradual increase. It aims at facilitating reading habits among students and provide them an atmosphere where they can sit freely, think freely and develop their analytical skills. 

It also has a collection of CDs and DVDs to support various courses interactively. The school library subscribed Magazines and Journals and National Dailies. Highly efficient library staff is motivating and student-friendly.

School Library Rules
• Students are allowed to use the library in their respective library periods alongwith the concerned teachers and also during recess.
• Books are checked at the time of issuing. Any damage is reported immediately. In case of loss/damage to a book, the students have to pay the printed price on the latest edition of the book in question.
• Books are returned on due date mentioned on the issue label. A fine of Re.1/- per day is imposed on any book returned after the due date. Books overdue are returned only during recess.


Our Contact Numbers

Mobile No. +91-9896410160
Landline No. 01693248007


My School, New Kashi Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in Hisar. Discipline, which is an important element of education, is strictly maintained here. Despite this the students are introduced to a very friendly atmosphere where they are free to clarify doubts or express their emotions. The concepts involved in various subjects are demonstrated in different ways. There are also recreational resources, which truly make school life interesting.