Sports Facilities

Work Experience, Art Education, Games & Sports

To explore the hidden talents and to encourage the children to sprout out, New Kashi Public  School has a large variety of subjects as a part of Art Education and Work Experience. The subjects include  a variety of indoor as well as outdoor games, art and craft. 
A well-maintained Activity Room provides the requisite extra-curricular blend in the pursuit of learning. Sprawling grounds invite students to ease the rush of blood in field and track through athletic and different team activities. 

Our Contact Numbers

Mobile No. +91-9896410160
Landline No. 01693248007


My School, New Kashi Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in Hisar. Discipline, which is an important element of education, is strictly maintained here. Despite this the students are introduced to a very friendly atmosphere where they are free to clarify doubts or express their emotions. The concepts involved in various subjects are demonstrated in different ways. There are also recreational resources, which truly make school life interesting.